Other brands

Yakult is a similar drinkable yoghurt made by the Yakult Honsha Co. Ltd. in Tokyo, which was started by Dr Minou Shirota 1955. Yakult contains “Lactobacillus casei Shirota”.

More information of other brands and their pseudoscientific brand names on Slothman’s Livejournal. At least some of the ingredients, Saccharomyces florentinus in Lifeway Kefir for example, are using genuine scientific taxonomy.

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  • I like the home made variety too, the ones that come in coatniners taste as if they retain the flavour of the plastic or container they come in. But looove the Danio peach yoghurt…sadly you dont get it here as yet 🙁

    Posted by Daniela on 19th October 2012