L. Casei Imunitass, L. Casei Defensis

Actimel, also from Danone, is a drinkable yoghurt with “a specific probiotic (a living ferment bringing health benefits), stemming from the research carried out by Danone, the Lactobacillus casei Defensis.” Defensis is a mixture of “defence”, alluding to the potential benefits to the immune system, and “-sis”, a latinization to suggest a scientific derivation. L. casei Defensis is also known as L. casei Imunitass. Imunitass follows the same pattern of the word root suggesting health benefits, in this case helping the immune system, with a “scientific” (although not latinate) ending. Names for the bacteria therefore depend on the country being marketed to, and may also change over time to emphasise different health claims for the products.

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  • Is bf in all yogurt products?

    Posted by is bf in all yogurts on 7th March 2011

  • One of the few remaining benefits of a classical education is that one can see at once that these Latin-type names are phoney and illiterate. This creates a suspicion that the products and their alleged properties are the same too. But but but – Actimel is so nice! Aren’t we allowed to be seduced at least once? As long as we don’t imagine it’s doing any good!

    Posted by Oldie on 13th May 2010

  • To the core of the issue for me: Is Actimel or one of it’s other incarnations, proprietary to Danone, a positive addition to the other bacteria that make yogurt? If so, where can I buy a freeze dried version to use when making yogurt?

    Posted by Deb on 21st January 2010