Danon target healthcare professionals for Activia prescriptions

Posted on 27th February 2011 | 3 comments
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Danon have launched a site called Activia Referral Pad which specifically targets healthcare professionals in an attempt to get them to prescribe Activia, despite losing a class-action lawsuit over their claims that Activia promotes the immune system and the mixed findings thatĀ probiotics may be useful in some medical settings, but may be extremely harmful in others.

Find out more on this site about probiotics, prebiotics, and intestinal flora.

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    You should, and you should publish them with the comment.

    These “testimonials” for the product may have been written by Danone staff and could be fake.
    On the other hand, some of the papers I’ve just read, suggest a benefit from eating the product.
    What is clear, is like most probiotics, when you stop using them you loose the benefits.
    It seems no-one is prepared to go through the effort to create a probiotic that is able to establish themselves in the gut. My guess is that it is because money comes before health.

    Maybe, just maybe, we need to source some crowd funding to do the research, produce a product for the good of mankind, not for the sake of making money.

    Posted by Simon Jacobs on 22nd March 2014

  • I’ve tried numerous yogurts and have never had results like I have with Activia. I have severe constipation issues due to health disease and need for chronic narcotic pain relievers. None of the stool softeners, laxatives, osmotic products has yet to produce results like Activia. I no longer need those medications, only Activia, and ever since I have been more regular than ever in my entire life! Thanks, Activia!

    Posted by Anonymous on 1st April 2012

  • We were just advised by my wife’s internist to use Activia. This information indicates the benefits of Activia are no different than those of other yoghurts.

    Posted by Marvin on 14th March 2011