BBC Case Notes programme about gut bacteria, including discussions of health claims for yoghurts

Posted on 14th March 2011 | 2 comments

The BBC has recorded an excellent radio programme about gut bacteria, including a discussion of the fundamental uncertainty about the very specific advertised claims for probiotics.

You can download it directly in mp3 format (the file is 13Mb) by clicking here: Case Notes – Gut Bacteria

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  • Well I just want to say that I fully support you and your battle with Danone the misleaders. They are breaking the law by saying that their garden variety bacteria is unique to them. I refuse to buy any of their products, and their attack on free speech makes my resolve even stronger.

    Posted by etmax on 30th September 2013

  • Lisa. Well said.I was walking turhogh a health food store the other day and saw that KD now not only is a “Sensible Solution”, but it also has half a serving of veggies. “WHAT!?” I said to myself. I just had to read the label. Yup, sure enough, they injected some concentrated, over processed cauliflower something into the grains. Ah, so much better. LOL, thought you’d get a chuckle out of that, as I remember you once saying “In what world is Kraft Dinner a “Sensible Solution”?TRS

    Posted by Sagolera on 19th October 2012