Danone / Dannon

Danone (known in the United States of America asĀ Dannon) was originally a medium-sized French company, set up by the merger of two glass companies, Souchon-Neuvesel glassworks and Glaces de Boussois. Today, Danone is the world number 1 in fresh dairy products and bottled water, and world number two in biscuits and cereal products. Danone has pursued a strategy of international acquisition since 1990, buying companies in the Czech Republic, Russia, Greece, Ireland, France, Spain, Asia, Latin America, Central Europe, Africa and in the Middle East.

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  • Surprise, surprise its all middle class mums with no science backgrounds but alot of ‘ eating experience’ who testify to these products. You’re the same bunch of idiots who stop herd immunity from forming because you think you’re ‘experience out trumps scientific evidence (or lack there of). You particular women make the world a much more dangerous place and you do it with a deceptive earnestness.

    Posted by Smarter than You on 11th January 2012

  • I am amazed that it was true it helped me after along period of not having R.B.M..I am not one just to believe the hype of anything but I do give it a thumb,s up.

    Posted by Yvonne Mcecvoy on 5th July 2011

  • Love it!

    Posted by Pia on 3rd June 2011

  • glan

    Is it habit forming, that soon you cannot do without it for regualar bowel movement?

    Posted by Enter your name here on 10th May 2010

  • Just because, Bifidus Regularis, is a trademark name, does NOT mean the product is a gimmic. I have used Activia for a year, since I spent a week in the hospital, with a severe case of acute colitis. After I came home, I started drinking it when I could tolerate NOTHING else and my appetite was gone. I am not a person who tries just anything on a whim or because of what it claims to do, I knew yogurt is very beneficial and had taken Pribiotics for years, at times when I needed them. They help to put the intestinal tract back in balance, from all of the junk we love to eat! I chose to try drinking Activia because I love Dannon Yoghurt and it worked. It was delicious, it was cool and soothing to my painful stomach. This product helped me to recover from probably the sickest period of my entire life. A miracle product? No. A great product, yes!! ……..and it’s SO good!

    Posted by CAROLYN HAYWOOD on 17th March 2010