In January 2008, a class-action lawsuit was filed by Coughlin Stoia Geller Rudman & Robbins LLP, and Mager & Goldstein LLP, against Dannon for misleading claims:

An enormously successful marketing campaign promoting the supposed health benefits of “probiotic” yogurt products such as Activia and DanActive helped The Dannon Company, Inc. (“Dannon” or the “Company”) sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of yogurt in recent years. However, a class action filed today in the Central District of California revealed that while spending more than $100 million to falsely claim that Activia and DanActive have “clinically” and “scientifically” “proven” health benefits not available in other yogurts, Dannon’s own studies flatly disproved the Company’s deceptive boasts.

From Health Benefits of Dannon Yogurt Exposed as False In Lawsuit Filed by Coughlin Stoia Geller Rudman & Robbins LLP and Mager & Goldstein LLP

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It seems that this lawsuit was successful.  If you go to you can claim part of a $35 million fund set up by Dannon to pay out to people who believe they were the victims of Dannon falsely advertising the health benefits of eating their yoghurts.

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  • Over the past 2 days I have had an activia 0% fat yoghurt for breakfast, as I couldn’t afford my usual yoghurts and these were on offer. Yesterday I started getting pain during urination and I’m almost positive that it is a urine infection coming on. I’m not sure why this has happened as pro biotic yoghurts are meant to help with uti’s! Does anyone know why this happens?

    Posted by jade on 30th May 2014

  • I have an autoimmune disorder, but didn’t think of that when I tried Activia. After 2 servings I thought I was dying. I felt my body was burning from the inside out. I think this stuff is dangerous. Is Activia getting its “probiotics ” from foreign countries???

    Posted by Judy Allen on 25th July 2013

  • Every time I eat Activia I get a bladder infection. This time I tried the Greek yougurt and still got a bladder infection. Why is this? Your commercial say how regular u will feel, but all I get is a week of taking CEPHALALEXIN ( antibiontic) and wasting money on a produce that doesn’t work…why?

    Posted by on 12th July 2013

  • I had been eating Activia by Dannon for about a month. I stopped eating it about one week ago when I became seriously nauseated. I am still nauseated and had to get a perscription from my doctor to counter the nausea.

    Posted by Ella on 16th May 2013


    Posted by GENN on 24th January 2013

  • 290 calories is delfeitniy not too many calories for breakfast. Your body needs to be fueled in the morning and calories are energy. I usally aim between 280 400 calories for breakfast, depending on what my activity level will be that day. But why do people think that calories, carbs and fat are the only important things to consider when defining a food as healthy or unhealthy? In my opinion, the biggest downfall in these past few decades of nutrition is the introduction of chemical additives, artifical sugars, preservatives, etc. I exercise everyday and enjoy all kinds of food that some consider unhealthy. We enjoy unpasteurized whole milk, pure and natural butter, local eggs (the yolk’s the best part!), delicous cheeses, real maple syrup, raw cane sugar, etc. in our home and my husband and I are both fit and healthy. But everything we eat is WHOLE FOODS and NATURAL! I eat oatmeal every morning with just whole oats, filberts, maple syrup, salt and hot water. But I certainly wouldn’t pollute my body with McDonald’s oatmeal which contains the following additives (according to their website) that are known to be harmful to ones body : datem, sulfur dioxide (preservative) and caramel color. McDonald’s should not falsly advertise that their oatmeal is Wholesome. Yes, the oat grains may be 100% natural, but the public needs to dig deeper and understand the whole picture when it comes to food. Read the ingredients, not just the nutrition facts. You are what you eat. At least eat what nature intended us to.

    Posted by Akshya on 21st October 2012

  • I have SLE and every time I eat Activia I also get a bad bladder infection. I think more studies need to be done on this product and its effect on the humane body.

    Posted by L. Paulausky on 22nd July 2012

  • I started eating activia and also started getting very bad bladder infections to the point that I had to go to the hospital for an iv of painkillers. I kept taking antibiotics but the infections would come back. I stopped eating activia hoping they won’t come back.

    Posted by marcy on 5th April 2011

  • I began buying and eating Activia yogurt 4 years ago. Suddenly I began to have an acute onset of urinary tract infections. I was treated with antibiotics and then 2-4 weeks later have another UTI. This went on for over one year. I saw a urologist for the constant UTIs with no explanation or reason for the frequent UTIs. All the while I was continuing to eat Activia every morning. After 1 1/2 years of constant UTIs I began to have large amounts of blood in my urine with the continuing UTIs. Desperate for reasons of this acute onset, I stopped eating Activia.
    I have not had a UTI since. I have discussed with my M.D.s with no explanation why this occurred. Anyone else have a similar situation?

    Posted by C. McMahon on 17th March 2011

  • as usual false and misleading advertising continues in the u.s.a. arent their laws against this or do the lobyists write the laws, remember chryslers CORINTHIIAN LEATHER


    Posted by Enter your name here on 7th January 2011

  • i just started and after a week , i suffer for constipation i believe do to medications . personally im less bloded and go every morning.

    Posted by maria on 5th September 2010

  • Yet another underhand move from these mega companies preying on the vunerability of the general public.
    We all want to be healthy and live forever……………..however, inventing “Latin” sounding words to make us believe that their product will give us all a good shot at doing just that is just wrong, as always with these people it’s all about how gullable we are and how much money they can get from us, how do they sleep at night? actually in their luxury homes in their luxury beds, all provided by the obscene profits made from us, or just to make it sound better how about ” Obscenus Profitis” there you go, much nicer……….

    A Dainton

    Posted by Enter your name here on 21st April 2010