Bifidus Actiregularis, Bifidus Regularis, Bifidus Digestivum, Bifidobacterium Lactis and variants

Bifidus Actiregularis, Bifidus Regularis, Bifidus Digestivum, Bifidobacterium Lactis and its variants are marketing names generated by Danone (known in the United States of America as Dannon) for one of the specific bacteria it uses in its “Activia” range of yoghurt products.

According to a reply received from Dannon by the Writerious blog, Bifidus Regularis (and therefore presumably all the variations of Bifidus…) is a proprietary strain of Bifidobacterium.

The source of “Bifidus” is from the intestinal bacterium Bifidobacterium animalis, a kind of bacteria found in the large intestines of most mammals, including humans. “Actiregularis” is an invented word, the first half of which which emphasises the active nature of the bacteria. In common with with Bifidus Regularis, the “regularis” part emphasises being “regular” and the “is” at the end suggests a scientific derivation. The bacteria is known as Bifidus Actiregularis in UK marketing materials and Bifidus Regularis in marketing materials from the USA.

Bifidus Actiregularis used to be called Bifidus Digestivum in UK marketing materials. “Digestivum” is an invented word which uses “digestive” as a root to suggest beneficial effects on digestion, combined with the latinate ending “um” to suggest a scientific derivation.

It is known as Bifidobacterium Lactis in Canadian marketing materials, where Lactis uses the Latin root for milk (“lac” / “lact-“) and “is” to suggest a scientific derivation.

It is known as “Digestivum Essensis” in German and Austrian marketing materials. These are both invented words, the first emphasising digestion and the second emphasising the “essential” nature of the nutrition, using latinate endings to suggest a scientific derivation.

The name of the bacteria changes from country to country and over time, to reflect differences in marketing strategy and consumer behaviour. One suggestion for the change in the UK from Bifidus Digestivum from Bifidus Actiregularis is that Bifidus Digestivum was so ridiculed it become a liability – do a Google search for Bifidus Digestivum to see the results.

The scientifically correct name for the bacteria is “Bifidobacterium animalis DN 173 010”.

The BBC has recorded an excellent radio programme about gut bacteria, including a discussion of the fundamental uncertainty about the very specific advertised claims for probiotics.

Read more about probiotics, prebiotics, and intestinal flora, Danone’s marketing strategy and what’s in Activia, Danactive and Actimel using the More information menu on the right.

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  • I have IBS. I didn’t want to take Zelnorm as it interfered with another medication that I take. I started with Activia, eat one everyday and altho I feel something moving around in my tummy after eating it, I feel it helps to pass gas and it helps elimination. No bloating, no inability to poop…..almost a dream come true. Those people who do NOT have IBS really shouldn’t eat this. Why would you if you have normal BM’s? You don’t need this. Eat their regular yogurt instead. For those of us with IBS, it is like a Godsend.

    Posted by Barbie on 14th July 2006

  • BIFIDOBACTERIUM Bifidobacteria are normal inhabitants of the human and animal colon. Newborns, especially those that are breast-fed, are colonized with bifidobacteria within days after birth. Bifidobacteria were first isolated from the feces of breast-fed infants. The population of these bacteria in the colon appears to be relatively stable until advanced age when it appears to decline. The bifidobacteria population is influenced by a number of factors, including diet, antibiotics and stress. Bifidobacteria are gram-positive anaerobes. They are non-motile, non-spore forming and catalase-negative. They have various shapes, including short, curved rods, club-shaped rods and bifurcated Y-shaped rods. Their name is derived from the observation that they often exist in a Y-shaped or bifid form. The guanine and cytosine content of their DNA is between 54 mol% and 67mol%. They are saccharolytic organisms that produce acetic and lactic acids without generation of CO2, except during degradation of gluconate. They are also classified as lactic acid bacteria (LAB). To date, 30 species of bifidobacteria have been isolated. Bifidobacteria used as probiotics include Bifidobacterium adolescentis, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium animalis, Bifidobacterium thermophilum, Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium infantis and Bifidobacterium lactis. Specific strains of bifidobacteria used as probiotics include Bifidobacterium breve strain Yakult, Bifidobacterium breve RO7O, Bifidobacterium lactis Bb12, Bifidobacterium longum RO23, Bifidobacterium bifidum RO71, Bifidobacterium infantis RO33, Bifidobacterium longum BB536 and Bifidobacterium longum SBT-2928.

    Posted by Barbie on 14th July 2006


    Posted by trish on 11th July 2006

  • Wow! I can’t believe the range of results people are getting. Do you all remember when that ‘new’ chip came out that was cooked in a different type of cooking oil. I remember little about it except the horrible cramps and trips to the bathroom. What a nightmare! Most of my family did not have this affect so I simply stayed away from it. Easy enough. Why do others have such a problem grasping this? I do have a question for those that feel that ‘slight cramping’ and immediately go off of it. Is it possible that your system is so messed up from all of the additives and junk we put into our systems that it is actually the product working to ‘clear’ things out? I do not think this product is right for everybody, but for people who have never been ‘regular’ it may take a bit of discomfort to ‘clean’ everything out at first. Just a thought. I have been using it for 7 days now and am feeling quite regular. There is no better feeling than that for someone with IBS.

    Posted by thankfulsofar on 11th July 2006

  • These negative people are idiots. If i had to guess i would say the majority of them are hypochondriacs. This is the best stuff i’ve ever tried. Way to go Dannon.

    Posted by DG on 7th July 2006

  • My thought as I read through the previous entries was this: perhaps some of the cramping that has been experienced has to do with the initial problem…IBS or basic constipation. The Activia is probably working through the constipation thus cramping occurring.

    Posted by Sally on 7th July 2006

  • I have had problems with bloating and constipation all of my life. I have tried everything out there natural or not and nothing worked until I tried Activia. If you read beyond the crap about special strains of bacteria and just try the product you’ll see. It works. Don’t let hysterical put you off trying the product. Some peope will always find fault with everything.

    Posted by J. Christie on 5th July 2006

  • I wanted to try this product so I’ve read what I could find before putting anything in my body that I could not define. There isn’t much reading to find. The reason I thought this would be safe, is because it was Dannon. However, a bacteria is nothing to play with, we have so many in our bodies now as it is. I’ve read so much on this page and decided that my body is used to the bacteria in the yogurt I currently make. Maybe we should all review and change our diets and possibly check out the the old fashioned enemas before trying to find a quick fix in a product that we know nothing about. Dannon may have created this but what about the stores that sell this bacteria-how long is it on the shelves. How was this bacteria created/discovered? There are so many unanswered questions and Dannon (being a huge corporation) should not be expected to find a quick fix for every body type and ailment. There should not be quick fixes. We should all eat better and exercise more! I am victim of wanting a quick fix too but this one leaves too many open questions.

    Posted by Jan on 4th July 2006

  • bloating…gone, constipation…almost gone. me…much more comfy. thanks bunches Dannon, keep up the good work. I could care less if you call it the purple pooping elephant bacteria, as long as it works i’m happy!

    Posted by lisa on 4th July 2006

  • Those of you who’ve had a yeast infection after trying Activia may be responding to the sugar. The label shows that second and third ingredients after milk are fructose syrup and sugar. Candidas (gyn yeast) reproduce rapidly in presence of sugar. That said, hope it works for me!

    Posted by cj on 30th June 2006

  • I’m very scared about taking differnet types of meds and stuff but I looked all over the label, website and there was nothing that said anything about side effects so I thought what the heck! I had been under allot of stress and been feeling bloated and stuff. Well Today was day 2 and day LAST. There seriously should be a warning label on this stuff. I took my first one last night right before dinner and everything was fine, well this morning for breakfast I ate my second at 6:30am and by 9am I had to leave work and come home. I got sweats, shakes, and felt like i had to go bad it was not even funny! Its not worth the side effects and the last 2 will be going in the TRASH!!

    Posted by not happy on 28th June 2006

  • I have eaten the product for two weeks now and have had good results. The dizziness, abd cramping and other side effects have never been a problem for me. I have regular bms and feel much better since I been on this product. Way to go Dannon!!

    Posted by JP on 22nd June 2006

  • I’ve suffered from ulcerative colitis for 1-1/2 years. Bleeding only subsided when I took large doses of Asacol prescription. I’ve been on Activa 3 weeks and feel cured, normal BM each morning. Stopped taking Asacol completely, and so far, so good. Occasionally, I felt nauseous within an hour of eating Activa, but not severe. Has anyone else had improvement of their ulcerative colitis with Activa? (I laughed at the name, too, when I saw it, but who cares if it works.)

    Posted by Finally feeling normal on 19th June 2006

  • I’ve been taking this product for a couple of months now. I’ve had problems for over 5 years now where I would only ‘go’ a small amount about once every 2 weeks! The first week on this yogurt was the worst. Horrible stomach cramping, sweating, chills, ect. But I think once your body gets used to it, most of the symptoms go away. The only symptom I get now is moderate stomach cramping and nausea right before I have to go. Once I’m cleaned out (and this product does a VERY good job of that) I feel great! I’m glad I found a more natural and great tasting way to feel better, and the occasional stomach cramp even though uncomfortable is better than how I felt after 2 weeks of not going!

    Posted by 2 months and 'going' on 18th June 2006

  • I have always been constipated. About 15 years ago; a Dr. Told me I needed an operation to remove internal and external hemmoriods. Also the main reason I was not able to use the bathroom was because my spinicher muscle needed clipping; as it was not opening up; so I have had to actually remove my feces (if I wanted it to come out). The only time I don’t have to do this is when I have a severe case of diaherrah. I rely on Fleet enemas etc. I bought the yoghurt and have eaten 5 of them so far; nothing has happened! I can not say anything positive or negative about it yet. Some of these stories I have been reading are scary! Maybe it will work in a positive way for me; and a lot of others.

    Posted by Linda on 16th June 2006

  • I think I’ll try it. So far nobody has died from it yet! I wish it didn’t contain so much sugar, however. DanActive also was beneficial and used to come in ‘light’ but Dannon no longer offers that option. I am concerned about all the sugar intake from such a small portion, but it’s worth a shot. By the way, anyone here who is thought for a moment that there really was such a strain of bacteria needs to get a better education. Danon isn’t being dishonest, just smart. If you purchase something called Terminator, Schwarzanegger won’t show up at your door either. They took the bifidus strain and patented it. Is it different? Only your poop will know!

    Posted by Nancy on 14th June 2006

  • I got hives. Not sure if it is from the yourt or not. It is the only new product I have used so it is very possible. Dizzy, ep. Poop? No. It’s not bad tasting but if it is causing the hives, not orth it. I understand from the company that it stays in your system for up to 10 dsys.

    Posted by Scratchin Away on 14th June 2006

  • My friend Karen has been eating Activia for several months now, and she says it helps with her IBS. She has bouts with contipation and bloating all the time, and Activia has been helping her out tremendously. Personally, I’ve tried it, not every day. I’ve had a day or two where I felt a little nausea and dizziness, but I’m not convinced it was from Activia. Other than that, I’ve had no bad experiences. I don’t have any health problems or anything, so I’m eating the Activia as sort of a healthier choice type thing. I’ve read info about the many ways probiotics are beneficial to the body. I am, however, considering trying Stonyfield instead.

    Posted by Julia on 13th June 2006

  • I agree with Ruth that limited time has been spent progressing towards a cohesive acceptance of general delivery methods that should yield positive effects similar to the hightened sense of where most thoughts of several comments are stored and later become somewhat meaningful to the overpowering feeling of what some may call clever substitutes.

    Posted by Strega Nona on 8th June 2006

  • So what’s the difference between Activa and the regular organic yogurt I have been eating for years now?

    Posted by what's the difference? on 6th June 2006

  • have severe IBS, all my life OMG. I have learned to accept it, not happy about it…Eat only soft food, avoid most veggies that are gassy, nuts, legumes, the list goes on forever. Tried the activia yogurt, didn’t consult my doc, seemed to make me feel like I had to constantly keep going, that was 2 months ago. Am now tryind it again, I do believe, and know for a fact, the bacteria in yogurt, and this yogurt helps. I have had every test their is to have, and so tired of the traditional doctors, am now seeing an IBS specialit who is traditional and also non traditional, I also have a lot of info from Engalnd, it’s amazing…. Watch what you eat, stress is a huge factor, don’t get depressed, learn to accept it. Heather von vorous has a great site, check it out…I personally stay away from herbal meds, they did not help me. Well good luck, stop complaining, give it your best shot, just started the yogurt 3 days ago, we shall see, if I feel any gas, bloating, or constant urge to go, I will stop it. I am used to pain, and bloat. Only stops when I keep to my bland diet, no red meat, legumes etc… white sugar, no imitation sugar, the worst…… IBS sufferers should all go to heaven, AMEN

    Posted by steevynix on 5th June 2006

  • I am a disabled arthritic with reactive .arthritis. I have been on prednisone (20mg a day) for about 5 years now. I have a repressed immune system from the prednisone, this is because my arthritis attacked me everywhere, not just in my joints. I have lost 60% of my right macula in my tight eye. For pain, I have been put on opiates because my kidneys and liver have sustained too much damage from NSAIDS. A big side effect of opiates is constipation. SO – to get away from Metamucil everyday… I studied the package carefully; there is no warning on the package for persons with impaired immunity. I started Activia on Feb 4th and ate one serving a day until Feb 9th 2006. That evening I had a case of diarrhea that smelled worse than anything I ever smelled before. I couldn’t wait to get out of the bathroom! (Since then, I have learned that this smell is a known side effect.) The next morning, Feb 10th,, 5:30 AM, I had severe pain across the bottom of my abdomen. I was convinced I had bladder infection, so I called my primary physician, talked to his nurse who refused to give me antibiotics. Her words; ‘ You need to go to the emergency room, you could have appendicitis.’ Up to that point (about 9:00 AM) I had NO INTENTION to go to a doctor, let alone a hospital! So I called my wife (11 AM) to come home and drive me. She got home from work about 12:30. We made up our collective mind that we’d put up with the wait in the emergency room instead of the walk in clinic and we drove to St Vincent’s in Bridgeport. We didn’t leave right away; we left at about 1:30 pm. Because we drove, not taking an ambulance, we got placed in the waiting room instead of going straight in. After about 20 minutes I told my wife to tell the reception desk that if I didn’t get a place to lie down in the next 5 minutes, I would have to lie down on the floor, and I meant it. SO… Five minutes later (about 2:30pm) the intern is checking me over and they were taking my vitals. Temp 100, BP 100/60. Pushing and poking, looking in every knook and cranny, the intern says ‘Mr. P, we really can’t see anything wrong with you.’ The nurse takes my blood pressure one more time: 60/30! Bingo My little room was invaded by 10 people. They started an IV. I am about passed out from the pain even though I am on an opiate patch for my arthritis. My temp went to 102 to 97 to 101 to 99. Blood pressure was as low as 50 / 20. They RAN me down to a cat scan, called the Chief Surgeon, pumped me up with antibiotics and something to increase my blood pressure, inserted a catheter. As soon as the got my BP over 100, they RAN me to the operating room. I woke up at 1 AM with the last 8 inches of colon removed. The official diagnosis was diverticulitis. The doctors don’t believe that the yogurt did it. If you read the web sites downloadable document for medical professional, it tells you that the lactic acid level increase by 29% and fecal matter flow increases by 100%. They were very clear to me that if my wife got me there 20 minutes later I would have been dead from the bacteremia. The stool had also leaked into my pericardium. One of the interns said to me that a large percentage of people they see with my condition arrive to the emergency room already dead. I wear a colostomy bag and will require 2 surgeries to be put back together again. I believe that this is happening to other people who have impaired immune systems and try Activia. The people that list extreme nausea and dizziness make me shake in memory of that day! (I woke up in the ICU at 1:00 am of Feb 11th to a nurse saying ‘happy Birthday, we gave you a nice bag to wear!’) Dannon has created a product that may be fine for the vast majority of people. I would NOT have tried it if there was a warning about problems in people who have impaired immune systems. Well, either I’m right and there will be a class action suit against Dannon, or I’m wrong and it was a coincidence. I really believe that my colon has a hole in it because I ate Acrivia yogurt. I really hate the fact that if I’m right I have to wait until other people lose their lives to be proved right. This is a case where I would get a hefty chunk of money if I’m right but very much hope I’m wrong because of the suffering being right would cause. If anyone else has gone through major surgery to the colon, please write me at ps: I sent flowers AND candy to the nurse who told me to go the the ER!

    Posted by Tom on 5th June 2006

  • I ate the acitva yogurt two consecutive days, skipped a day and had another serving. The fourth night after beginning the two-week suggested regimen, I was awakened with the most severe stomach cramps I have ever had. I had a bought of diarrhea and my throat was sore. Perhaps activa is not for me. I considered trying it again but do not want to experience that pain like that ever again.

    Posted by rl on 5th June 2006

  • Dizzy as hell and have almost passed out twice. 6 days in and stopping this crap, don’t know what in it works on digestive tract but awful side effects.

    Posted by amanda rowland on 31st May 2006

  • From a news story: ‘[Bifidus Regularis] is a proprietary strain,’ Michael Neuwirth, Dannon director of public relations in White Plains, said. ‘[Activia has] been successful in many countries, particularly Europe.’ There are billions of strains of healthy bacteria. Dannon specifically developed this one to aid folks with constipation. They gave it a simple name consumers could relate to. I say, more power to them. If it helps some consumers, fine. If it gives you the runs, stop eating it. Simple as that.

    Posted by Widget on 31st May 2006

  • all i really wish to share with you people that are as crazy as me……….haven`t had a regular bowel movement in months>>>>>>>>>>.. happy that the stuff is good for ya and all>>>>>>>>>>>.but i`m just excitcted about poopin……LOL keep up the good work Dannon

    Posted by kathy on 30th May 2006

  • Like many others, I found the first few days WAY too ‘productive.’ But then I found that skipping a day worked for me. I should note that I AM lactose-intolerant, but since the live cultures in yogurt convert the lactose into lactase (or something like that, LOL), I’ve always been able to handle yougurts, home-made or store-bought. A bonus: my elder dog, who suffers from chronic, undiagnosable, sometimes bloddy diarrhea, has improved dramatically by (1) switching to Pro-Plan [corn-free] Sensitive Stomach kibble, and licking out my Activia cup after I’m done. This every-other-day Activia regime seems to be working for both of us!

    Posted by impressed on 26th May 2006

  • I was diagnosed with IBS a few years ago – toilet visits were very frequent and I could pebbledash a house in a day 😉 Now three and a half weeks ago I gave up smoking but also started eating my partners Activia. Stomach is now settled and although I still get the urge to go (classic sign of IBS) but either nothing happend or its a pretty ‘solid’ visit. Not going to change anything – still going to stop smoking and still going to keep eating the yogurt – I’ve been in agony for years so if these are the only two scarifices ……

    Posted by Dom on 25th May 2006

  • I tried Activia,a day ago. Simply stated I was taken in by the advertisments… However I have had irritable bowel problems for years, thus I figured, give it a try. I have had three polyps removed, and also had bowel surgery resulting in some resecction. So if this works I don’t care what they call it,or how they market this stuff. Well I too had nasty cramping, the rib cage pain, and something even more disturbing- my throat got very swollen, almost like an alergic reation. I have eaten yogurt since I was a child,and am totaly NOT Lactose intolerant. This seems very suspect that other folks have exhibited these same side effects. Almost tooo weird. I am going to notify the FDA. Something just isn’t right about this!

    Posted by Bec on 25th May 2006

  • I used to have a home yogurt making set and ate yogurt regularly (now I’ve switched to restaurants instead of home cooking). Yogurt is extremely cheap to make yourself, and no matter how trademarked a bacteria, it will reproduce the same. Why pay more for a smaller package with trademarked bacteria when you can raise your own at home?

    Posted by Thomas Lareau on 17th May 2006

  • well after reading this document on probiotics, it has made me realise that things are not what they are said to be sometimes. vscientific studies suggest that probiotics MAY play a major role in the digestive health and MAY also help to strengthen our defences. this implies that these probiotics do not just work for everyone but may work for some individuals. the names for the bacteria depend on the country it is being marketed to and MAY also change over time to emphasise different health claims for the products. well most names used for these different probiotics are not scientific but have been generated for marketing purposes. what i also understood about these marketing strategies is that they are targeted on young or middle aged womenas leading to better digestion and a flatter belly, so fancy names can be given to these products but do they really work or is it just a money making scheme.

    Posted by Hazvi on 17th May 2006

  • I keep getting yeast infections. Does Activia yogurt, or any yogurt cause yeast. help

    Posted by Irene Dillard on 16th May 2006

  • The Dannon web site AND their television ads clearly state that they DEVELOPED A NEW STRAIN of bifidus bacteria, which is why they are able to trademark the name. It survives the passage into the large intestine, which many beneficial bacteria do not. Those of you who are complaining about the ‘made up name’ are missing the point – it either helps you (as a lot of people on this site are claiming) or it doesn’t – in which case, don’t buy it again. Isn’t that what we all do with all the products we buy?

    Posted by Buffy St. John on 15th May 2006

  • My daughter took activa and it has been the only product to help her. Strangely enough she never eats yogurt nomally and I do. Just for the health aspect I decided to eat it and my little granddaughter as well. Neither one of us were sick before and we both developed immediate diarrhea and cramping. This the sickist I have felt in awhile and I still feel bad. I am not lactose intolerant as I eat a lot of dairy with no problem.

    Posted by Dorothy on 14th May 2006

  • Do you really think this is useful?

    Posted by Nacho on 11th May 2006

  • I started eating this yogurt for about a week and in the firt couple of days was having bm close to three times a day with cramping before now have not eaten it in two or three days since I am having severe stomach acid feels like a volcano in there and cramping and pressure under my rib cage and I a have no other changes in lifestyle or diet but the activia, I am searching for more info on this but the trial studies seem to be obsolete, I am miserable thinking I am going to start spewing acid everywhere, don’t know what to do about it, hurts all over

    Posted by nicole r on 9th May 2006


    Posted by laughing@youALL on 7th May 2006

  • I wonder if all those who have had problems with the product have been suffering from constipation for an extended time. It seems that those who have are getting the results they need. How about some word from those who are getting so sick; were you taking it for chronic constipation also? I take their Danactive product and found that I was no longer lactose intolorant, which I had been for 15 years. It also works for my husband who is lactose intolerant also. If I skip several days of the Danactive the intolerance returns. I just had my first dose of Activa and will be eternally grateful if it relieves the days on end that I can’t ‘go’.

    Posted by Christine on 4th May 2006

  • have suffered for about six months with terrible stomach aches and feeling bloated all the time. i have four children and each day was a real struggle – i was so lethargic and didn’t want to do anything. so after seeing the activia ads on tv i thought it was worth a try – i don’t even like yoghut! within 24 hours all symptons had gone! in the first week i cleaned my house from top to bottom, i have oodles of energy and feel amazing. the icing on the cake was when my friend said i had lost weight and my stomach looked flatter! she said she felt bloated too so she’s gonna try activia too. i’m only two weeks into my trial but i sure hope it lasts!

    Posted by caron on 30th April 2006

  • I don’t have any bowel problems, but It sounded like it was something good for you. I ate it 11:00 hrs ago and I’m still in pain and have starting to bleed. Where is the FDA or the News media to help. I use to eat regular dannon with no problem.

    Posted by Madeline Kenneiy on 29th April 2006

  • I bought Activa for my daughter who had just completed a round of anti-biotics that gave her diarrhea. She never ate it so I tried it and had extreme intestional cramping so I threw the rest of into the trash!!

    Posted by Fran on 27th April 2006

  • I have suffered for years with terrible tummy lower abdomin pains and very strange toilet habits ( uslly not going for upto a week) This is the best thing I have ever tried and I am staying on it. TUMMY IS FLATTER TOO!

    Posted by Maria Wright on 26th April 2006

  • After four days of eating this I have become extremely bloated, fatigued, and I’m suffering from diarrhea. No more Activa for me. I’ll just stick to regular yogurt!

    Posted by Susan Ward on 25th April 2006

  • I wish I had read up on Activa before I ate it. I just consumed one serving of it and I started to feel sick right away. My muscles began to cramp and I felt fatigued. I knew I may had a yeast infection but I thought yogurt provided a good bacteria. I am throwing away the rest of my Activa yogurt.

    Posted by Jesse Barns on 25th April 2006

  • I have had digestive problems for years with very irregular bowel movements sometimes only going one a week. Since I started eating activia yoghurts (one a day for 5 days)have gone every morning and one day I had bowel movements 3 times! What ever is in it, works for me.

    Posted by Julia on 23rd April 2006

  • ok i just ate some today…cus i was still full from breakfreast so i had it as a snack… and im feel like i didnt eat any thing…after 30 minutes from eating it…yay !! i hope nothing bad happens to me . i dotn plan to eat it every day or in the morning on an empty stomach cus im scared of YOUR side affects… so i hope ill be fine. JUST pray to God!!

    Posted by lala on 23rd April 2006

  • We have a profoundly autistic daughter, 21 years old now, who has had ‘huge poops’ for years. I don’t mean, just sometimes, but almost always. She rarely had normal sizes. And these are so large, in fact, that we’d gone out and bought special toilets just for the purpose of avoiding getting clogged up. We worried about how much it must hurt, too, but she cannot communicate any details. We’ve also worked with our doctor on this issue — to very little effect. Just recently, three weeks ago, we started her on the Activia product and we haven’t seen a single case of the toilet clogging problem — instead, only what we’d consider fairly normal for most folks. We’re still pensive about this and need a longer time period to know if this is consistent. We may also experiment later and take her off to see if, after some time, she returns to the old problem (it’s possible, I suppose, that a balance is achieved that doesn’t require more Activia) returns. In any case, it’s looking interesting for now. On the subject of the name, marketing, etc… It bugs me, too. But I can easily explain their behavior. Imagine deciding that you want to market a product that uses a naturally found bacterium which really does have a positive impact on a non-trivial segment of the population. There are good studies out there on exactly how it behaves and how it operates in humans (the 1991 and 1992 studies, for example) and has a much longer track record in the literature. It’s as safe as any product can be and has a real impact on some folks. So you want to produce a product using it. The very first thing is that you know you will need to ‘market it’ and that the marketing costs will be very high, if done well. A lot of that marketing will be about making people aware of the issues and your competition could just let you spend all your money on advertising and then just leverage your money into selling their competing products. So you order your technical folks to find something to trademark and patent, but to maintain similar effects. The reason for this is that you can then focus your marketing money on the narrow ledge of your patented product and avoid selling your competitions’ products when spending all that money. I don’t see how their board of directors or CEO could have allowed any other approach. They pretty much _had_ to find a marketing handle and stick with that.

    Posted by Jon K on 20th April 2006

  • The imbecils that are complaning about the name must take a good crap all the time. The rest of us don’t. That’s why we would want to try this product. Get it!? People will fall for anything, people are gullible and all that garbage seems to me those people are referring to themselves. We want help! Doctors are useless. I’ve had IBS for over thirty years! I will try this because it’s a lot more natural than any pill. Bifidus Regularis or Tyrannosaurus Rexus who the hell cares. There not duping us they are trying to sell yogurt and us IBS sufferers might benefit from it. Why don’t you name complainers go protest the name of The Cleveland Indians or Nyquil or Fibercon. All made up names right? Wow. How can they live with themselves? I just got Activa and the only question I still have after doing some research is whether this exact bacteria strain is present in other yogurts? I have seen that Bifidus is in Stonyfield and yes I would feel suckered if that Bifidus is the same as this but Dannon has patented their particular strain of this Bifidus and I wonder if it is different and unique only to Dannon?

    Posted by Anon on 20th April 2006

  • I am on my 5 day and I have gotten an awful yeast infection. Has anyone else had this problem and do we know why?

    Posted by Rachel on 18th April 2006

  • I am a regular yogurt consumer and saw the Activa product. I actually laughed at the grocery store when I saw the ‘regularis’ bit, but bought anyway b/c I was curious about the digestive possibilities being one of those who suffer like many of you. I’ve had good results despite the stupid/ridiculous marketing and want to emphasize that not just any yogurt does this job. Maybe Dannon has in fact picked a more effective strain of bacteria for digestive health compared to the variety of choices. Maybe the concentration is higher. I am going to write to Dannon to voice my opinion about the silliness of this made-up word. I understand that every food manufacture does this, but the ‘regularis’ is a little over the top! Thanks all!

    Posted by Wendy on 16th April 2006